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Over ten years, Jana Interiors began its journey to becoming one of Pondicherry's top ten interior design teams. Since the beginning, we have worked hard to establish a solid reputation as a reliable and superior service provider in order to become one of the top interior designers.

Being an interior design company that aims to provide the best for our clients. our staff of interior designers invests their time and energy into creating spaces that are frequently distinguished by clever and logical space utilisation, beautiful design, lush greenery, and sensitivity to the surrounding environment.

Having a home of one's own is everyone's ideal. It is our obligation to create an adobe with more efficient use of space, a visually beautiful setting without ignoring even the smallest part of the home, and all of this at a reasonable price. At that point, we had the idea to start a development that was "re-imagined as a creative hub with a strong network of young and enthusiastic Architects and Designers.


Our goal is to improve your "HABITAT & LIFESTYLE" by assisting you with designs for planning, construction, interior design, and personalised balcony design. By using our E-Design, we have also expanded our service to the entire world (online Interior Designing consultation) We think that, here, not everyone has the same personality, and that design represents that.

Become the top construction company while delivering projects that constantly go above and above the requirements set by the country and offer outstanding client satisfaction.


Concerned with creating the best atmosphere Patterns Furnishing is committed to creating the best setting for each customer, taking inspiration from them and using it as the guiding vision to design their ideal living space. The business is founded on innovation, collaboration, and unmatched service. Every room ought to reflect the individuality of the occupants, in our opinion. Every person has a unique set of requirements and dreams, and they all deserve a place to call home that can accommodate them and motivates them. Custom home décor that surpasses our clients' expectations is produced by our thorough attention to detail. We work together as a team of creatives, visionaries, and intellectuals. For top-tier clients, we provide innovative designs and dynamic solutions.

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